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Spirit Booster

Posted on February 15, 2014

I woke up this morning feeling the tiniest bit blue.

Ok, it was the biggest bit blue, like if you needed to put a name on the blue, it would have taken a Crayola 64-pack of just shades of blue to get even close. Sean did his best to cheer me up. Later I spent some time going through images of my life, happy times, cherished memories. It helped. It isn’t entirely cohesive, but I thought I’d share in case your sweet tooth’s cousin the happy tooth need a little scratch.


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Vintage Vision #tbt

Posted on February 13, 2014

This week has been a blur, largely because this week really began on Saturday, or maybe it’s that last week never ended. Either way, all I know is that on Tuesday night I was flipping through photos and said to Sean, “Hey, I know I’m a little late, but I’m going to make this my Throwback Thursday photo on Instagram before we start Downton Abbey.” He smiled. I smiled back thinking that he was getting gooey about the photo. It was on our friend Paul’s sailboat the summer after Briar was born. “Babe, it’s Tuesday.” “It’s what? How can it be Tuesday? You mean that tomorrow isn’t Friday? That…” I trailed off and realized that he was right. These 9+ years of parenting and…

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Like the present

Posted on February 7, 2014

They started warning of a storm on Sunday, by Tuesday excitement was crackling, kids and parents alike were talking about backwards pjs and upside down spoons to help the storm along. It look incredibly flat and unremarkable to me. I kept the girls’ excitement in check with mild clucking and, “I don’t know girls, it doesn’t look very snowy.” They begrudgingly did their homework, but not before making me promise that they could go skiing with Sean if school was, in fact, cancelled. “Sure, but only if you get a good night’s sleep, ok?” I warned. They squirmed and giggled. Briar said, “Hey mom, since it’s almost, not quite, but-really-could-be-a-snow-day tomorrow can we do a sleepover tonight?” “Oh yes, mom. It is almost like…

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Fresh Air

Posted on February 4, 2014

Sometimes all you need is a good walk. Since it’s 4am and I am scared of walking our neighborhood alone in the dark (woods!) I’m taking a stroll online. Here, after the weight of yesterday’s post, is pure, pre-dawn fluff. Be fanciful.   Some girls like chocolate, I like boots. Chocolate is cheaper, but boots last longer. I love shoes! This pair beckon with a promise to walk with me to an amazing place. Navy and pleats without sleeves makes me think of the breeze off the lake as the sun is setting. Date dress. If it gets chilly, look, a pretty sweater. Some leather courage? Tough girl Moto Jacket. Can you imagine these hanging over your kitchen sink? It would always feel like spring. Saturday…

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Staging Happiness

Posted on February 3, 2014

Over the weekend the girls and Sean performed in a local production of The Secret Garden. Sean had done the show twenty years ago with Youththeatre, an activity that played a central role in his childhood and that he has shared with the girls by taking them to productions in the summer. We’ve always wondered if they’d get the theatre bug, with Sean and I having met through theatre and their Papa having a career in theatre. We no longer have to wonder. They went from watching rehearsals to having a small role, to having Mickey, the director, down on the apron with them building their roles into something that involved speaking. As the weeks went by they sang the songs as they brushed…

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