We are in the throes of a kitchen renovation. Tomorrow the kitchen sink will be dismantled, there will be no sink until at least Saturday, likely later. I am flirting with pouting about it. I thought that I’d culled all there was to cull when I emptied the cabinets and yet I can tell I have things that are tethered to me in some sort of subconscious, self-defeating sentimentality. Each trip to the makeshift dish station sees me making halting jerky moves as I consider and then reconsider adding something to the donate pile. It was a relief to drive away from the house and its suffocating prison of to-dos.

Here’s a peek at what we did for a sweet sliver of the weekend and here is a link to Suzi Banks Baum’s blog Laundry Line Divine. She invited me to write a post about #WhatMothersMake