Today was our last day to visit a park. We decided last night that we would spend the day visiting Magic Kingdom, but last night went late. We found ourselves having dinner with the girls at around 10pm. Finley has been battling a fierce upper respiratory thing and the Florida rains have been no help. This morning at 6am, looking at my sweet sleeping girls and Sean, I made the executive decision not to rouse everyone for an early start.

The big girls slept until 8:30, Finley until 9:30, and only because we woke her. I imagine she’d have slept until 11. We had a leisurely morning and headed out for Disney at noon—of course the rental car keys were left in the first room we’d checked into and we couldn’t find Avery’s camera, and there were tears, but we made it through, arriving at the park around noon. We left at 11:30pm. It was intense and amazing.

I am looking forward to putting some of this experience into words, largely how valuable it was to give ourselves to an experience. I just can’t yet, it’s all too fresh and unfamiliar to me. Already it’s precious. I wept into Sean’s shoulder as we caught an amazing display toward the end. I am so grateful for a part of us I didn’t know that we had, maybe because we really only just unlocked it.