I’m sorry. I feel I ought to apologize for a post a day after months of a post a week, tops. I don’t know who subscribes to my blog, my nifty analytics tell me things about where you come from—thanks Blog Lovin’ and Networked Blogs, Love you Stumble Upon and Facebook! I have spent all these years really just hoping that the writing would matter to someone. The ins and outs of how and where kind of eluded me. Until NaBloPoMo.

There is a woman who subscribes to my blog and has, through no fault of her own, chosen the first weeks of NaBloPoMo to take her vacation. What this means is that I have gotten an out of office reply from her every day that I have written this month. Theoretically this means that she is going to go back to her office and return to ten emails, maybe eleven or twelve, from me. It makes me hate me. If I knew how to track unsubscribers, my guess is she would be one.

This is why I am apologizing. I have loved these days of writing. I’ve carved out time at the end of my day to write and it has been amazing. Friday night I’ll head to a writing retreat to hone my skills and, more importantly, my focus. I told Sean that I wanted to do this. He heard me and made it possible. Meanwhile people I deeply respect have reached out to me, shared my writing, written things of their own inspired by something I said. Others have invited me to participate in new endeavors.

I said aloud what I wished for and the people I loved leapt to my aid. They have supported me, the universe has revealed new forks in the road, and I have more contentment than guilt, more resolve than fear.

Do what you love.

Open yourself up to it.

Share your dreams with people.

Right now, I believe it all, happily so.

If you are reading this and the frequency hasn’t made you unsubscribe, I just want to say, give it a try. Learn to sew, go to Zumba, lose weight, ask a person out, whatever it is, just launch yourself toward it and see what happens.


It could happen, you could happen.

Thank you