Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We won’t break bread around a large table or watch the parade, instead we’ll be spending another day simply going where the day and fancy take us. It is an extraordinary luxury to have this time and space. The last three days we’ve walked over 10 miles each day, ringing, as Sean said, “Every last bit of opportunity from each day.” We have laughed, screamed, and gasped for breath (the last two were mostly me, I am defying my “I’m not a rides person” tendencies). We have compromised and cooperated.

When we haven’t been hoofing it near and far, we’ve had little slivers of downtime. Briar sitting legs akimbo, headphones on, bobbing, weaving, and singing very loudly to Pentatonix; Ave counting the birds in the bay and wondering aloud what kinds of birds they are; Finley rolling the skin of my elbow between her fingers and asking me my favorite things about the day.

Tonight we sat and watched the sunset, from beginning to end.

There’s no great moral here, just wonder at the beauty that can be.

Sunset Night