I was scrolling through Twitter the other night when an update popped up:

“It’s been a night, is what I’m saying.”

Then I saw another from someone else:

“Having a really really really really bad fucking day.”

A week ago I saw an Instagram post that carried a similar tone:

“…And I’m trying. But I can’t do it all.”

I read a post from a dear friend that was titled Casseroles for Depression.

Jenny Lawson has Furiously Happy on the New York Times Best Seller list.

The reality is that for all the people complaining that Facebook is a waste land of carefully constructed, emotionally inaccurate representations of people and their lives, there are many ripples in social media and day to day life that are honest declarations of pain, struggle, and faltering hope.

When I saw this quote shared by my friend Lotus, I inhaled sharply, feeling the clarifying sting of a remarkable truth. I do not say this to dismiss anyone trying to get through something, but rather to emphasize how much we are all going through. Pema Chödrön

We are not our pain.

We are not our shitty days.

We have not failed if we aren’t over it or are still dealing with it. It isn’t wrong if you talk about it or if you prefer not to.

Whether we are struggling to find the energy to nod our heads or sprinting from something, our inherent worth never fades.

Your worth never fades.

I promise.