Sitting in a quiet house with a thick fog rolling through, the Christmas lights are on, and I can hear the girls playing upstairs. The year is winding down, but work demands and daughterly expectations are ascending—all good things. The only danger is that I listen to the wrong clamor, that the things that pull me may not be the most important or represent the best use of my time. I resist taking a clinical approach to prioritization or being. I just want life to flow and for my people, at work and at home, to be happy.


A few days ago it finally snowed, the girls went wild, in fact Briar woke early after a nightmare and as I cradled her in my arms I realized the unbelievable brightness around us. We stay up and pressed our faces to the window together. The panes filled up and we wiped them clear squeak, squeak, squeak…




Later all of us went outside and tore around the yard. During a quiet moment with Finley after her sisters ran inside, we pondered what to do in the year to make the most of our time. The Today Parenting site has the video of Fin’s wisdom, which I plan to carry with me into the new year and beyond. How lucky we are to be able to hear and see the insight and love around us, don’t you think?

Go watch and let me know what you think or tell me what your secret happiness weapon is.