Last night I posted a photo of Briar on Instagram. She seems to get more interesting, in both appearance and personality, by the moment. I don’t think of her in any way as a little carbon copy of me, there is so much to her that is uniquely Briar. She does appear to follow after me in the late bloomer category, not diving as headlong into tweendom as some of her classmates. I honestly have no opinion on late vs early, I think both are equally challenging and amazing. I am sure with three I’ll have a smidgen of everything.



What I do know is that when celebrity crushes happen they can be fun. I think some of the work we do at exercising our heart and, yes, the other parts of us that are impacted by flutters and flushes, is important. I’m not quite sure how things are going to go as far as actually living through the inevitable heart racing and heartbreak, but I am excited for the all that life has in store for each of our girls. It’s a crazy, toe tingling, and confusing adventure, don’t you think?

Today I’m sharing a glimpse of my first real crush on a celebrity, and boy it was a doozie. It’s the perfect, light-hearted read for a Monday. Hope you’ll go take a look and maybe even let me know who yours was…

The crush I tuned into watch each week.