Hi! I am at the Double H Ranch today. Some of you are reading this from the orange chairs around me. Others are at home. I wanted to introduce you all.


Double H Camp graduates, I am Amanda.


Readers of AmandaMagee.com this is Double H.


It is more magical and life changing than I could ever hope to articulate. I am here today to teach a couple of workshops on blogging and social media. I thought it would be incredible if some of you could leave a comment directed toward 17-21-year-olds who are exploring social media. Specifically talking about how it can be a place to build community, to learn, or just to explore who you are.


I know this is sort of unorthodox, but it’s also a thread of beauty and hope, something I feel we could all sure use. So tell us about who you are, something that has been positive for you, or a tip you would give about how to make the most of their time online.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. And, to the campers here with me today, I am so very honored. Let’s have some fun!


Here, I’ll start. One of my favorite things about social media and blogging is that I can find ways to say things that in person might make my voice shake. Practicing that has actually made me do better at talking to people in real life.