Do you ever catch yourself saying, “As soon as things slow down…”

They never slow down.
We never have the money sitting in the account.
The right time rarely arrives in a moment when we can actually embrace it.

I find myself doing little things to try and dull the sensation that I am tempting fate. I try not to race from place to place, I tell myself not to measure my success (or failure) by how much is left undone at the end of the day. I doubt most of us would put the same expectations on other people that we do on ourselves. It’s also unlikely that we’d afford the same kindness or consideration to ourselves that we give to others.

I wish it didn’t take a tea bag to remind me of that. Instead of being dismayed, I’ll give myself credit for slowing down enough to allow myself to enjoy a cup of tea.


It’s a start.

How will you begin to let yourself count?