We have left cookies in the mailbox for our mailman. We say mailman because he is indeed a man. His name is Bill. Finley has a keen understanding of the extra lengths he goes to to take care of us. Since moving to this a few years ago, she has noticed that Bill often drives down our long driveway to leave things on our stoop.

“Can I bake the mailman cookies?” she asked the other day.


“I don’t know if that is the best idea,” I said.


“Too big a mess,” she asked.


I laughed. “No, it’s more about the fact that people are super worried about germs and he may not want to eat food that we give him.” She nodded dramatically and made a sound of understanding.


“I think maybe a gift card would be better,” I said.


“Great! I just got three for my birthday. I’ll give him one!” She ran away and I googled “gifts for mail carriers.” I found a site that said carriers cannot accept gift valued over more than $20. After she breathlessly handed me a gift card, we went online and purchased a $20 gift card to be safe.


Shows a handwritten letter with a $25 gift card for the mailman

The letter says:

Dear Bill, 

If you don’t already know the person that has been writing you thank you letters and baking you treats is me, Finley. I’m the baby of the family. I want to thank you for doing all of the things that you’ve been doing during this time. You go all around town giving people mail when you could be safe at home. And even though you clearly know we have a mailbox you go down the driveway just to put it on our doorstep.


Finley Magee :)

P.S. If you’re not Bill. I’m sorry. Please give this to Bill and tell me your name and I will make you something too.

I was going to bake you something, but with everything going on I decided a gift card would be best. 


Finley taped the envelope to our stoop and sure enough, Bill drove down the driveway, delivered a stack of mail held together with a rubber band, and knelt down to pick up the envelope addressed to him. Two days later there was a letter waiting in the mailbox for Finley.

A handwritten note from the mailman thanking Finley for her thoughtfulness.

It read:



Thank you for the gift card and kind words. Your thoughtfulness of others is a great character in a person.

Your kindness is truly appreciated and heartfelt.


the mailman


A friend once wrote that I could write about a trip to the mailbox and make people cry. Funny the power and tenderness wrapped up in mail and the care it represents.