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BlogHer: Beyond Swag & Invites

Posted on July 16, 2012

This August I’ll be attending my 4th BlogHer conference. The first time, in San Francisco, I had a wing-man in Fin. She dutifully attached at the heart, chest and breast to keep me from succumbing to my nerves. Shouldn’t have been worried, people were kind. Accepting. It was, as some might say, Amazeballs. The next time I was in Chicago with my friend Leslie. We are so tight I can’t even remember how we met, but she has slept at my house, gotten ripshit in my town and run unshowered through Chicago looking for a breast pump with me while also maybe seeing President Obama. Blogher: It. Is. Unpredictable. Also, you meet people you have wondered about, like The Bloggess, whom I adore and…

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All of Me and MORE

Posted on October 20, 2011

I am typing this on a train to New York City. It’s times like these when my sense of adventure and my comfort in being a tomboy collide. I like wearing cords and boots to work and balancing on curbs and running from point A to B, even if I’m in heels instead of boots. There is also a side of me that loves room service and the anonymity of travel, the shedding of identity and agility of confidence—away from the day-to-day you can rewrite the script. Fifteen minutes in to the ride, I texted a photo to Sean in reply to his text letting me know the girls were just waking up. “Little bit of me, little bit of the view.” I can…

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No BlogHer for This Her

Posted on August 2, 2011

I remember packing for my first BlogHer. Finley and I were embarking on our first adventure, she was a little over two months old. It was a revelatory experience, as we surpassed everyone’s expectations (oh, how those people giving me the evil as they saw us boarding the plane changed their tune!) My second BlogHer had me packing a smaller bag and not knowing who would site beside me on the plane as all three girls stayed at home with Sean. Leslie and I locked arms, treked all over beautiful Chicago as talked about every subject under the sun, and those hidden in the cover of night, before searching for a breast pump and spotting the president. Dude, it was, right? It had to…

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BlogHer, it ain’t about the shoes

Posted on July 29, 2010

Last night I had a talk with my family, it was like Intervention-light. Not that I have ever watched that show, but my addiction to doing, carrying, handling, managing and scads more words ending with “ing” is deep rooted. I have a primal need to do and an unrelenting hunger to please, fix and impress. Unfortunately all of those things are in direct conflict with my body’s need to restore the blood lost in the accident. I didn’t think tweeting, writing, or problem solving things like the battle between the demands for Caillou (shoot me), Madeline (stab me) or Tom & Jerry (I just don’t get it) was a big deal. It is. Every decision I make is one more than I should. I…

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