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On Lucky Pennies & Staying a Kid

Posted on November 7, 2014

Pennies peeking out along the edges of sidewalks still stir something in me. I dust them off and tuck them in my pocket. I rub my thumb along the face and think quietly, “You might come in handy.” If a penny isn’t heads up, I’ll kneel down, flip it over, give it a tap, and say, “Be good luck for the next person.” I always walk away feeling luckier. I stop for sparkles and toy jewels, scraps of paper, and rocks. Round rocks, flat rocks, stones with sparkles, clumps of broken concrete, doesn’t matter, if it catches my eye I will bend down and take a closer look. Sometimes I’ll carry the little treasures in the pocket of my coat and forget them for months, or ride…

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Throw in the Towel

Posted on January 18, 2014

I sling the towel over the shower curtain rod before I step into the shower, later I take it to pat my face and legs dry before stepping out into the cold bathroom. Some towels smell like summer on the lake, no amount of laundering can lift the scent of sunscreen and campfire. Burying my face in the loops of terry I close my eyes and hear the girls. They’re squealing as Sean turns the boat quickly; they’re splashing as they dive beneath the surface to look at fish through their goggles. Other towels smell like fresh laundry, no fancy scents because the girls are allergic to dryer sheets. These towels keep me from lingering, just pat-pat-pat and out of the shower to run…

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