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Truth Hurts

Posted on May 22, 2013

A couple of months ago I made plans to take a day off to take Finley and her sisters, on the last pre-k field trip of the year. I had the niggling suspicion that things would not go as planned. Sure enough, my schedule at work started to grind and churn, each day feeling more and more like a log jam bearing down on me. When the field trip day came I made sure that everyone still wanted to go. Briar looked at me nodding, “Of course we do, Mom.” I smiled remembering her first day of school and the blur of firsts and lasts that followed. Avery looked up at me after lacing her shoes. “Yeah, I want to go, I can tell…

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Making the Grade

Posted on April 9, 2013

A few years ago Briar made this in class: It absolutely delighted us. Watching her blossom and gain confidence at school as she became a big girl was inspiring. This year she is in 3rd grade. She is still inspiring, but I find myself feeling less like she is experiencing the learning process and more like she is being forced into a very dark and hopeless box. I wrote a little bit about how our first experience with testing has been. I hope that you will visit the New York State United Teachers site to read the post and, hopefully, to leave your comments about your own experience with testing. I understand that there may be many viewpoints on this subject, but I think…

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