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Posted on September 3, 2012

I love clouds. The other day I posted on Facebook about how clouds remind me of my grandmother. Today we took to the lake, a last sprint into the waning light of summer. We didn’t plan, packed light, and simply went where the day took us. From the start it was beautiful. Big, billowy clouds that even through the screen of my sunglasses, pierced straight to my heart. Memories, hope, and the gentle release of knowing how little my worries and I are. The sky, with its patchwork pattern of clouds and flirty, hard-to-get sun, tagged along. We motored North, passing our usual haunts of the Narrows and the Mother Bunch, past Sabbath Day Point and Huletts Landing. We didn’t slow until we hit…

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Step for step

Posted on August 27, 2012

We just spent a week away with my family. The girls reveled in the superstarness of their Aunt Abbie. Beso, the extravagantly effeminate cocker spaniel, delighted in the spoiling he got from Grandma, Sean and I talked politics with Papa. As the days bled together the lines of worry slipped from our faces. Watching the girls romp on the beach—building fortresses, protecting them with dams, enlisting the help of other kids and looking out for each other reminded me of the good we all have inside of us. I am so grateful for having these three beautiful spirits. I am also giving thanks for all of you out there who remind me that we are never alone, no matter how dark it may seem…

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