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Lights Up

Posted on January 21, 2013

Sean and I met at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. It was not a simple courtship (are any?), but very little is simple when you’re working in summer stock and have the relentless deadlines and pervasive spirit of temporariness. Eventually though, we made it past the distractions and the monumental chip on my shoulder to discover that we worked very well together. Four years later we got married just outside of Saratoga Springs, New York. We kept a connection to theatre through work we did for the Adirondack Theatre Festival. When we had our daughters, one of whom we gave the middle name Adams after the theater in Williamstown, we made a promise that we would expose them to music and the arts. Our hope…

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A Small Shop

Posted on November 26, 2012

This time of year brings out a lot in people—not good, not bad, just very at-the-surface things. There are traditions and aversions, old wounds from years past and new hurts to survive. We move through the paces not knowing who might be hurting and who might be at long last feeling the effervescence of hope. We spent the days leading up to Thanksgiving preparing for Shop Small Saturday. The girls helped with trimmings for the store and at work it was all hands on deck—new prints, new designs and unexpected good news. Before that momentous Saturday, we had an unbelievably wondrous Thanksgiving. Days from now my parents will arrive. Snow is falling just outside as I type and the patterns of our spent-together weekend gleam in…

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Laboring Love

Posted on July 8, 2012

Labor of love is kind of a tired phrase, isn’t it? I’m guilty of doing that thing where you use incredibly descriptive words to assign more importance and depth to a thing, sometimes more for my own benefit than for those that I am talking to. Maybe I put the girls off to finish drafting copy, or I bag going to the gym or getting my hair done in order to do something else. The guilt will gnaw at me so I construct a scenario where what I have done was worth the things I sacrificed. I’m getting smarter. I am saying no more, making myself acknowledge when something is getting more time, energy or, yes, love. Yet life and work continue and every…

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