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Across the country…

Posted on July 13, 2005

I remember sort of shrugging my shoulders and chuckling as I watched people’s reactions to our itinerary: Pre-dawn Friday – NY to Western WA by plane with a layover in ChicagoFriday afternoon – Western WA to Eastern WA by carMonday afternoon – Eastern WA to Western WA by carDawn Thursday – WA to CA by planeSaturday night – CA to WA by planePre-dawn Sunday – WA to NY by plane with another layover in ChicagoMonday am – Back to work “It’ll be fun” we said. And it was. But Monday, ya Monday was everything you can imagine and more. Total intellectual arrest. No ability to coordinate thought with action or reaction, just achey, slow ineptitude. All day. Back to the trip, Briar was a…

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Looking for a minute

Posted on July 12, 2005

Still scurrying to catch up from the time away from work. Yesterday it was a matter of getting my brain in gear, which didn’t happen until about 4:15 (our summer hours are 8-4). Today it has been calls, meetings doctor visits and tracking down a pharmacy that takes our insurance. Hoping to write more later. Sometimes I wonder if things will ever slow down, or if there are just two speeds in life, one involving motion and the other total inertia.

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