I live in Upstate New York with my husband Sean and our three daughters. I’ve been writing online since 2004. I resist niches or pigeonholes, so what you find is a blend of parenting stories, passionate activism, marriage studies, and a whole lot of self-care/self-doubt/be yourself type stuff.

I I also write about my work, Trampoline. It’s an advertising and communications agency that we started when I was pregnant with Briar. You can see our work or even contact me to find out about working together. Logos, campaigns, collateral, you name it, we probably do it.

If I missed something you can ask me by shooting me an email at amanda [at] designtramp (yes, tramp. relax, it’s just a name.) [dot] com

Thank you for coming. I know it’s a big internet and you stopping here is pretty amazing.