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Posted on April 25, 2006

Must get self to camera shop. Grr. Why is it that the littlest things can be the most crippling? Getting to the post office.Setting up the brand new printer.Paying a parking ticket.Returning an email.Remembering clorox at the store. Taking the camera to the repair shop. Argh. Sorry. I should be proud though. I bought Sean a watch for his birthday. Apparently I bought it exactly 28 days ago.How do I know this? I managed to get my sorry ass to the jewelry store to ask if they could fix a kink that I believewas created by Briar running through the house, watch in hand, inadvertently banging the band into every conceivable surface in her path. Not that I mentioned that to the clerk, but……

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The Final Stretch

Posted on April 18, 2006

I suppose that speaks to my belly and to the last weeks of this pregnancy. As the kicks get stronger, my belly grows larger and our due date looms closer everything is becoming much less abstract. Soon we will have another little person in the house. We’ll be sleeping less, gasping more, weeping and laughing, groaning and cooing. So many emotions. Fear, worry, joy, excitement, anticipation. All the while Briar is blossoming more into herself with each passing hour. Her face is changing, her mannerisms becoming more pronounced and her vocabulary. Good lord she is learning so much. I find myself bursting with pride and a desire to squeeze her close to me, as if I want to pull her back inside of me.…

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36 weeks & 19 months

Posted on April 13, 2006

Just a quick update: I am 36 weeks along today and Briar will be 19 months on Sunday.She is growing like a weed. Sean realized the other day that he can no longer step over her, she is officially taller than his inseam. She is developing real fashion likes and dislikes. She loves wearing her Sox cap backwards, is partial to her velcro tennis shoes, loves sweatshirts and coats, but also enjoys running around without a shirt. The other day I put her in a little lime green corduroy skirt with a white T and her black patent leather Mary Janesand she walked around like a little peacock. So cute. I have to remember to doll her up sometimes because she really does enjoy…

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Quick Post Between Tasks

Posted on April 11, 2006

So Briar is without question, more amazing every day.I just love her so much.This morning Sean and I had to be at the Chamber by 7:30 – I should say, Sean had to be at the coffee shop at 6:30. I think it only fair to give him credit for such an early day, as he was one of the featured speakers at an event for my work. Group: “Aw, what a guy!” Anyway, that made for an early day for Briar. Sean showered first and then I got up to do the same while he ironed his shirt. Briar woke up while I was in the shower so he took her downstairs for a banana and some juice. When I got downstairs she…

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Wretched Week

Posted on April 4, 2006

So it’s not been the greatest week or so. Obviously the third trimester of pregnancy is grueling, even under the best of circumstances. I think even the most zen, earth mothery, nurturing women get to a point when they just want to be done. Whether it’s excitement to meet the baby, see your underwear, shave your legs without pain, whatever. I don’t mean to come off as unsentimental, I want to meet this baby. I can’t wait to see Briar with this creature, watch Sean cradle another little one in his arms, feel the impossibly soft skin against my lips, gaze into his or her eyes. But I am ready to be done. There does not seem to be a moment during the day…

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