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I Said It

Posted on April 29, 2013

Lest anyone think that I am always positive, always overflowing with patience and calm, may I demonstrate that in addition to running a tender post I wrote about bedtime, the Huffington Post also shared a not so sentimental moment that I experienced: So as we all slog through another Monday, maybe you started yours with an emergency trip to the dentist for your child like I did (which let me tell you, there is nothing that brings the sense of failure as a parent to the surface as a toothache and , “Hmm, looks like you haven’t been here in almost a year,” tsk tsk tsk from the dental hygienist) or maybe you were desperately trying to wrangle a snack for pre-k that fell…

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Plan for Detours

Posted on April 24, 2013

The other day I was driving toward our house to meet the bus. I was coming around a bend that always gives me pause, something about it makes me brace for a child darting into the road. One night, I was coming home very late, just as I came up the hill to the bend, a massive deer loped into the road. There were no horns, but it was massive, so I always refer to it as a male in my mind. The speed limit on this road is 45, but I always go a bit slower. I took my foot off the gas as he stopped in his tracks and looked at me. A huge moon shone down on us and time seemed…

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Everything and Nothing is Normal

Posted on April 16, 2013

I can remember, from the first hint of a bump, the way people would lavish their wisdom upon me. Some days I took the words as a gift, other times they came as jarring admonitions. Safest your kids will ever be, is right there in your belly. The days are long, but the years are short. Just wait ’til she’s a teenager, she’s gonna hate you. You’re going to miss this. It’ll be over in a blink. I’d like to think that I was somewhat graceful in how I received these things, at least on the outside, though I’m sure an occasional lip snarl was visible. As the years have gone by, faster than even those strangers promised, I find myself reconsidering what they…

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30 Day Challenge

Posted on April 14, 2013

I’ve been quietly cataloging the proliferation of things like 30day challenges that I see floating around everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest to Facebook. I love the idea of having a smorgasbord of options from which to choose how to improve oneself, but I think we are getting overloaded. Organize your house, tone your abs, be assertive, find forgiveness, love generously, work efficiently…we spend so much time gathering ways to improve, that I don’t think we actually give ourselves the chance to do much improving. I use Pinterest to talk to myself in ways that I can actually use. I know that for every 100 great ideas I find to quell my working mom guilt and use for awesome projects with the girls, I will try…

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In What World?

Posted on April 11, 2013

In what world would you ever justify a crime by laying blame on the victim? If I leave my front door unlocked does it give someone permission to come inside? If the door is thrown wide open does that mean that anyone is invited to come and take whatever they’d like? If there is a can of spray paint sitting next to the garage door which has already been vandalized with “Wash me” is permission granted to spray paint my car? If someone drives a red car with undercarriage lights and plays profanity laced music and parks outside of casinos does it mean they deserve to have their tires slashed? If your child is playing on a playground and her skirt gets hiked up…

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