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Focus on a Plan for 2018: Self and Purpose

Posted on December 27, 2017

The gaily decorated cards, received or sent, the increasing intensity of sales alerts, and the obligatory, or beloved, gatherings of family and friends; it makes sense that we move toward change at the holidays. We’re facing an ending as we move into a new year. Facebook hammers us with choosing words of intention, emails promising the best way to fight holiday weight, and people we know declare this to be the year that they’ll do Whole 30, run a marathon, or go vegan. We focus on self and community with a different intensity. My mom gave me a book about authors describing their favorite bookstores. “I never give a book as a gift without inscribing it,” she said. Sure enough, there was her familiar hand…

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The Greatest Showman: A Lesson in Why

Posted on December 24, 2017

Last night we found ourselves at a 6:50pm showing of The Greatest Showman. It was a bold moment of rule breaking, though the rule was not anything we’d ever officially made. The weather was awful, freezing rain on top of snow on top of ice with visibility no further than our front bumper on account of fog. I’d just said yes to letting the neighbor’s daughter sleep over. “On Christmas Eve,” Sean asked incredulously. “No, it’s the eve of Christmas Eve,” I said. “Is that ok?” He sighed, “Fine, I don’t care.” A few minutes later he said, “Want to take them to see The Greatest Showman?” “Tonight? Out in this weather?” I asked. He smiled, “Why not?” We’d been gasping at the trailer…

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Get to Work

Posted on December 10, 2017

Friday I spent the day on a photo shoot in the Scoharie Valley. The cold came at me like I’d done it wrong, turning my fingers white and making my insides quiver. It was alarming to be so cold, but it also felt good. It was all consuming. There was no phone checking, no idle fretting, the cold made me purposeful and focused. The animals made me believe again, even as I grappled with the idea of food and the way I love flank steak with hot-from-the-oven-tortillas and green tabasco. There are choices and consequences. I returned to start. Land, people, and animals. Farm. Farmers. Innovation. Resilience. Respect.   The light repeatedly took my breath away. The animals, from goats and lambs to cows and…

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