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Living up to it

Posted on January 31, 2008

The kicks in my belly grow stronger with each day, the ripples moving beneath my shirt have my thoughts turning to summer. Our patio out back, the playhouse and garden casting bits of shade on the wading pool. I imagine how there will be another person, a downy head against my breast and tiny fingers at my side, while Briar and Avery splash and squeal in gingham sundresses and floppy madras hats. The girls desires and demands have changed so much, even in the last couple of months. They each yearn for independence, while still reveling in closeness, weaving their fingers in the folds of my clothes, clinging to shirt tails and burrowing in my neck. “Uh huh” and “mmm” buy me nothing but…

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All Thumbs

Posted on January 30, 2008

I know I’ve not been the best blogger of late, what with the sporadic posts and rather vacuous content. Perhaps I can offer a bit of insight on the situation. The other day, as I did the working mom two-step, trying to answer emails, field phone calls and supervise projects for the girls, I was shown the light. Briar, blue crayon in hand and Avery with brown, asked to draw my hand, and, seeing as I happened to have one hand free, I let them. I watched as my hand and the piece of paper sank into the ottoman under their intense tracing. They spent quite some time huddled over the paper making it just right. It was seeing my hand, in all its…

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You have 5 minutes to drink this

Posted on January 29, 2008

I used to think it was the directive to drink, and actual drinking of, the aggressively sweet carbonated liquid that was the worst. Today I realized it is the requisite 60+ minutes in the waiting room that is the true torture. Ah, yes, t’was the beloved glucose screening today. I conned Sean into joining me for the appointment at noon, which I had only scheduled 90 minutes prior. He dutifully cleared his schedule and said he’d meet me there. We walked across the first overcrowded waiting room and into the next, a third of the seats already taken. We grabbed two and I set my coat and purse on the other. After Sean took a swig and told me the glucose potion wasn’t that…

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Everything but the kitchen sink

Posted on January 27, 2008

I’ll admit to having my moments in the past few weeks during which I have questioned the wisdom in removing everything from our kitchen but the kitchen sink. While pregnant. And working. At a new job. In the middle of the Adirondack winter. After having gone down to one car. To what I can tell you is my genuine surprise, I have survived, as has my marriage, though I will cop to more than one instance of complete breakdown and utter b*tchiness. Mmm-hmm, mama got pissed. The dust, the splinters and my complete inability to keep track of anything from the bananas (back closet) to the coffee filters (in with the lobster pot) really started to get under my skin. Luckily we became the…

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