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Thirty Three

Posted on July 31, 2006

Today is my birthday. I woke up this morning to Sean leaning over to kiss me while Avery nursed. About twenty minutes later Sean came in with Briar and they sang Happy Birthday to me. Briar nestled into my lap and hugged me, her skin was cool and smooth from the AC and her golden auburn curls tickled my face. Avery was propped up on a pillow just smiling, kicking her long chubby legs and letting out the sweetest coos and peals of laughter. Sean grinned at me and said that there was birthday coffee waiting downstairs. I can honestly say that it was the sweetest birthday morning ever. I always thought it was just “the right thing to say” when people said, “Oh…

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Posted on July 22, 2006

The Magee clan has come and gone. The first group (Aunt Kelsey, Pop, and cousin Katie) came in around 10 Friday morning. Avery took right to her Pop. Note the complete face mush on the chest Briar was transfixed as Pop made faces, said silly things and made music with a bottle. Witness the expressions on her face as he jokes around outside of the frame. What is he doing? How did he make that bottle whistle? No, I’m serious, that was awesome. How did he do it? I’m going over there. Too far to go around. I’m climbing over. She decided to move in for a closer look… and weave her special kind of magic Behold the smile and giggle. Batting the baby…

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Aunt Kelsey

Posted on July 21, 2006

So, first, Avery and Briar have one truly stunning aunt. It was such a treat seeing Kelsey, both for the amazing person she is and for the joy she brought our girls. Avery snuggled right into Kelsey’s arms. Not a tense bone in her long little body. I think you can even see a family resemblance. Briar LOVED coloring with her Aunt Kelsey. Wow! Cuh-lah! Yeah! Hanging out with Avery and Briar at the same time is somewhat difficult. A tender moment with Avery. And an invigorating moment with Briar.

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Boo Boo

Posted on July 18, 2006

So the other day I took Briar and Avery on a walk while we were waiting for Sean to come home from work. I strapped Avery to my chest in the Baby Bjorn and Briar walked beside me holding my hand. Avery was bobbing along, gumming my thumb and Briar was weaving between the sidewalk and grass excitedly pointing out bugs and sounds. “Buuug. One. One. One. ““Pwlane. Puh-lane. PLANE.“ “Yeah, thank you Briar, that’s right. Bugs, lots of bugs and a plane! Good job, thanks for telling mom.” Then Norman, the incredibly friendly cat of our block ambled over to say hello. I thought Norman was kind of cool at first (months and months ago) now he’s like that guy who you bump…

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