The Magee clan has come and gone. The first group (Aunt Kelsey, Pop, and cousin Katie) came in around 10 Friday morning. Avery took right to her Pop.

Note the complete face mush on the chest

Briar was transfixed as Pop made faces, said silly things and made music with a bottle. Witness the expressions on her face as he jokes around outside of the frame.

What is he doing?

How did he make that bottle whistle?

No, I’m serious, that was awesome. How did he do it?

I’m going over there.

Too far to go around. I’m climbing over.

She decided to move in for a closer look…

and weave her special kind of magic

Behold the smile and giggle.

Batting the baby blues.

Got him!

“Are you seeing this?
Poor guy doesn’t even know what hit him.”

It’s too easy. Watch this. I’ll make him clap his hands.

“You keep clapping, Pop. I’m going to go have some Fritos.”

Love you Pop.