Today is my birthday.

I woke up this morning to Sean leaning over to kiss me while Avery nursed. About twenty minutes later Sean came in with Briar and they sang Happy Birthday to me. Briar nestled into my lap and hugged me, her skin was cool and smooth from the AC and her golden auburn curls tickled my face. Avery was propped up on a pillow just smiling, kicking her long chubby legs and letting out the sweetest coos and peals of laughter. Sean grinned at me and said that there was birthday coffee waiting downstairs. I can honestly say that it was the sweetest birthday morning ever.

I always thought it was just “the right thing to say” when people said, “Oh my kids sang to me! It was all I needed and more.”
I’d always do the internal head shake, like, “Sure it’s all you need. Behind that slight dazed stepford smile you’re cursing and wondering why the hell someone didn’t buy you a damned gift.”
It was just hard to buy that, not to say that I always thought parties and a big production were necessary, I just had no idea how a kiss from your child or hearing “Habby Benday” could make you feel blessed beyond words. And here’s where it gets really sappy, just knowing that I get to be their mom, that every day for the rest of my days I will wake up knowing that I am Briar and Avery’s mom and that Sean is by my side as their dad, it’s just more than I could have ever hoped for.

So, I’m 33 and couldn’t be happier. Pretty awesome thing to be able to say.