The highlight of my birthday came at around 8 o’clock Monday night.
It was hot and humid. Gross, sticky, fog up your glasses kinda hot.

Briar’s ringlets were soaked and stuck tight to her head.
Avery’s hair was wet also and it came down in a pseudo widow’s peak.

Briar actually looked at us and said, “Baf-th? Baf-th?”

Sean was taking Briar up and said, “You want Avery to take a bath with you?”

“A-wree. Aw-ree. Baf-th.”

So up we all went.

Avery loved the bath and Briar didn’t mind at all that she was sharing her mini-swimming pool with Avery, in fact she was an absolute angel.
Gentle and playful. Avery kept trying to fully submerge herself. They both are so happy in the water (and happier still if they are together.)

Lucky girls…

Luckier parents.