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Pining to Pin

Posted on January 27, 2012

So Pinterest… I like it, always have. Every once in a while I see people complaining that they don’t get it. There is a lot to get confused by online, but Pinterest shouldn’t be one of them. You just get an account (if you need an invite let me know). You’ll set up “Boards”: Install and drag the Pin It” button to your bookmark bar: And then when you are on a site; anything from a blog to a store to a business, click Pin It. This will bring up all the pinnable images from that page. Some sites don’t work, but many do: After you select your image, you assign it to a board: And write a caption: I adore it, not for…

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Shot of light

Posted on January 20, 2012

I’ve always loved light. It’s kept me company in the hours when sleep hides. It’s hidden so that I can listen in the dark. It’s blinded me with beauty on the lake. It’s shone down on us as we’ve colored together. It’s danced outside my window and made me smile. Light It’s the feeling in my heart when I let my joy cast stronger shadows than my sorrow.

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Drop Off

Posted on January 17, 2012

It started seven years ago with an infant and a sitter, then there was a carpeted corridor in a church preschool, and onto a sunny walk ending at the front steps of the elementary school. The second time doing the each of those for the first time hurt all over again. Now, with Finley, we’re at the tail end of preschool and I am recognizing drop off for what it is: a complete leap of faith. This morning I dropped Finley off at the door. Her bag was packed to stay for lunch and her hair was pulled back to her exacting specifications. “First the pink one mom, and then goes the green, the purple, the ‘nother green one and then an orange, not…

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Rings on the tree

Posted on January 16, 2012

The arrival of this particular three day weekend came with declarations of knowing things about Martin Luther King Jr. Briar shared with me some of the things she learned, Avery piped in with other details. Finley listened and nodded, occasionally chiming in to compare it to something. I was proud of them, am proud of them. I think that being allowed to witness (and hopefully encourage) their growing comprehension and awareness is literally a gift. Here we were a year ago –>  January, 17th, 2011. The questions are going to get tougher and the stakes are going to get higher as we confront race, politics, sexual orientation, mean girls and shady boys. I think we can all do our part and honor people like…

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Eyes Slow With Sleep

Posted on January 10, 2012

I tiptoe in at least twice on either end of their sleep, I weave between three beds wedged in a room more suited to one, with shelves and drawers brimming with flannel and fairy wings on all sides. They sleep as they wake—wide open, tightly curled and impossibly tangled. The moment before I slip my head next to theirs, not knowing whether I’ll meet upturned nose, or ear buried in hair, makes my heart race. Avery falls asleep first each night, her dark hair swims around her, while her body stays in the position it was when she first drifted off to sleep. When I lean in to kiss her she is still, but as I push up from the bed she always turns…

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