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All vs Enough

Posted on July 31, 2012

There was a post a while back about whether or not we can have it all. Then came another article about the idea of having it all. People have grown tired of the argument, but the things is, so long as there are parents and children, some working for an employer, some not, we’ll wonder. Are we doing it right? Are we doing enough? Should we have more? Less? Is she better? Am I worse? We question and strive no matter where and how we spend our 9-5 or 9-to-9-to-9. The pearl in the second article is the reminder to evaluate all that is, rather than the threat of what isn’t. Today I am 39. I have a husband who dotes on me and three…

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Enter a New Frame

Posted on July 25, 2012

My history with cameras is colorful to say the least. Epic crashes, tragic calamities and that’s just what happens to the cameras, the pictures are a whole different story. Over the last year or two my pictures have improved, due partly to my transition from a camera to an iphone. The sad, slightly shameful reality for me is that carrying a camera and a phone was more than I could manage and I seem to treat my phone with greater reverence. What does that mean? I pay more attention. I am more cautious. And, mostly, I delight in capturing the moments and carrying them with me. A few months ago I started paying more attention to some of the people taking gorgeous pictures. I…

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Of Cans and Cell Phones

Posted on July 24, 2012

We had been at the park for just a few minutes when they pulled up. The car was white with dark, smokey tinted windows. We waited, as we do, to see who would emerge, so often unexpected playground delight comes in the form of new friends. Afte a time a little girl scampered out, about Fin’s age. Her hair was long, with lazy, looping curls that lapped at her waist. She sparked memories of watching Brave, for the unruliness of her hair, though it was a lighter red, and the determination with which she eventually squeaked, kicked and willed her way up into the tire swing. “Mommy, mommy push me. Do the hot air balloon.” Silence. I watched my own girls, they had taken…

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Just Write

Posted on July 17, 2012

I always park at the northwest corner of the lot. My car faces an expanse of sky over the mall parking lot. One tall, silvery lamp post tickles at my view, still more often than not I snap a photo with my camera—clouds swirling, charcoal overlaps the palest pinks and blues. If the girls were calm when I left I might post the photo on Instagram. Then I stow my phone and wallet somewhere in the car. Walking with my water bottle in one hand and keys in the other, I take long deliberate steps across the parking lot. Scanning ahead toward the doors of the gym I choose my path to avoid interactions. I don’t want to force a smile or falter into…

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BlogHer: Beyond Swag & Invites

Posted on July 16, 2012

This August I’ll be attending my 4th BlogHer conference. The first time, in San Francisco, I had a wing-man in Fin. She dutifully attached at the heart, chest and breast to keep me from succumbing to my nerves. Shouldn’t have been worried, people were kind. Accepting. It was, as some might say, Amazeballs. The next time I was in Chicago with my friend Leslie. We are so tight I can’t even remember how we met, but she has slept at my house, gotten ripshit in my town and run unshowered through Chicago looking for a breast pump with me while also maybe seeing President Obama. Blogher: It. Is. Unpredictable. Also, you meet people you have wondered about, like The Bloggess, whom I adore and…

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