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One Pharmacy Ruins it for the Rest

Posted on October 27, 2007

For each of you who choose to come and spend time here at The Wink, Have any of you noticed the new requirements hoops and BS necessary to comment on the normally friendly and accepting Wink? It was with incredible sadness that I logged in and dove into the blog management tools to initiate comment moderation and word authentication. I loathe being prompted to enter a series of random numbers and letters before having my comment publish, as it is not uncommon for me to fail to get the sequence right. How awful does that feel? The screen mocks me with a blaring: INCORRECT. Please try again if you want your comment to ever see the light of day. I have been proud to…

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A Gift, for you, and you, and you

Posted on October 25, 2007

Ahem, so, there I was, leading a group of professionals to the second of four venues, in a leadership training course. I was speaking with a guy who is the Director of Food and Beverage of a five star resort in our area. We had been discussing the seemingly futile battle to stay out of a mini-van. This conversation about cars lead to talking about having accurate directions for the seesions we have in the months ahead. “I’m sorry I was hounding you for those directions.” He had asked me in an email Saturday to send directions. I was trying to explain that I am bound by the information I get from our site hosts, and more specifically, when I get the information. “You…

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Fair Warning

Posted on October 23, 2007

Second only to blog entries about poop, this is a blog entry about toddlers and private parts, with a bathroom twist. Click away now if you prefer not to read this sort of thing. Well? Are you going away? No? Fine, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I picked the girls up from the sitter’s today after having lunch with Sean. Our forty minutes at the Bistro saw me consume approximately 48 ounces of impossibly delicious ice water and lemon. I thought fleetingly about popping into the ladies room before leaving, but decided I’d rather wait and be on time for pick-up. Silly me. Silly, pregnant, over-watered me. No sooner had we walked out of the joint, then I felt the searing pain of…

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Wishes in the Leaves

Posted on October 22, 2007

Today was one of those days I’ll frame in my memory for the days in the distance that don’t begin, end and revolve around taking care of little people. I know now that I’ll never stop thinking about them, loving them and worrying about everything from scrapes and cuts to improbable what-ifs, but one day the relentless and delicious process of bathing, feeding, teaching, protecting and entertaining these girls will end. One day they’ll be chasing dreams and loving people and places and things. Without us. They’ll call from time to time, visit when they can, and hopefully they’ll remember us. Maybe they’ll find us in brilliant yellow leaves that do pirhouette after pirhouette as they travel from treetop to sidewalk or as they…

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