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Bedtime for Briar

Posted on March 28, 2006

I have been remiss in not posting about Briar’s big girl bed. I gushed so over the chair that I was too exhausted to write about her first night in her very own big girl bed. Anyone who knows Briar, or has heard me talk about her will probably not be surprised to hear that she did an amazing job. She is just so game. She’ll really try just about anything, except of course, Garden of Eatin’ Red Hot Blues chips, which is fine with me, cause this mama loves ’em. How was that for a run on sentence that made me sound like I push junk food on my kid? I have every intention of posting pictures of the bed and Briar,but tonight…

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Storybook Dreaming

Posted on March 27, 2006

We did it! We spent Saturday searching for a new chair for Briar’s room.My belly is fast overtaking any lap I have to offer her at night for storytime.I don’t think of myself as picky, but I knew that it couldn’t be a glider. WARNING: I am about to be blatantly honest, which can often be interpretedas rude and judgmental. My apologies to any glider fans out there. I think that gliders are the ugliest, tackiest things ever created and onlyserve to perpetuate the idea that being a new mom is nothing but denim jumpers, mom jeans and a farewell to any pre-existing funkiness and sass.We give birth to people, not life sentences to Sunday school and Tupperware parties. Furthermore, gliders seem to be…

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Picture Update

Posted on March 24, 2006

Our Briar has simple needs: Plenty of peanut butterElmoBananasCucumbersBooksMusicandShoes If she really had to pick, I think she’d settlefor shoes and music. First Series:Listening to music one afternoon and trying her Dad’s shoes out while I worked at the computer. Second Series:Briar also enjoys climbing. Furniture, people, you name it. Luckily she has not tried climbing out of bed. Tomorrow we’ll try and head that eventuality off at the pass by buying a “big girl bed.” Here are a few pictures of Briar practicing her circus balancing act on her ottoman. Notice the overturned positioning of the ottoman for increased difficulty ranking of this particular feat. Third Series:Remember the Elmo thing? He’s a great travel companion. Fourth Series:This last grouping is more listening to…

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Posted on March 13, 2006

Another overdue post.A few pictures of Briar goofing off. The last shot, with her eyes closed, is Briar giving butterfly kisses. She scrunches up her face and does exaggerated blinks to bestow these sweet kisses upon us. I’ll try and post more before the weekend is out. Enjoy.

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