Our Briar has simple needs:

Plenty of peanut butter

If she really had to pick, I think she’d settle
for shoes and music.

First Series:
Listening to music one afternoon and trying her
Dad’s shoes out while I worked at the computer.

Second Series:
Briar also enjoys climbing. Furniture, people,
you name it. Luckily she has not tried climbing out of bed.
Tomorrow we’ll try and head that eventuality off at the pass
by buying a “big girl bed.” Here are a few pictures of Briar
practicing her circus balancing act on her ottoman. Notice the
overturned positioning of the ottoman for increased difficulty
ranking of this particular feat.

Third Series:
Remember the Elmo thing? He’s a great travel companion.

Fourth Series:
This last grouping is more listening to music fun. Notice the
second picture the slightly contemplative look on her face. Now
take a closer look at the picture and in particular her hands.
Note the sliver of something shiny? The cord to hook the digital
camera up to the computer. Can you guess where she stuck it shortly
after this shot? A quick clearing of her sinuses courtesy of Sony.

Our wacky, music loving genius.