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Come on Glens Falls

Posted on January 24, 2006

Can we please get a book store? Seriously. I can go and see Rembrandts and Picassos. I can ride a roller coaster. I can buy a Coach bag (well, I can’t, but I could if, you know, if I *could*)I can get sushi or Thai food. But can I walk into a bookstore and look around? No, the closest I can get is the book and magazine aisle at the grocery store with the latest romance and thrillers along with an exhaustive selection of paperback, newsprint astrology books. Or I can brave the mall and duck into Target and try and fight my way past the goons hanging out in the electronics section to get to the books where it seems to be nothing…

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Tummy Time

Posted on January 22, 2006

I remember putting Briar on her belly for tummy time for what all the books and magazines screamed was critical for neck muscle development and general baby well being. You felt like…(ok, I felt like, I don’t know about other people) a lousy parent when I’d get through about 45 seconds and think, “Ok, enough of that!” as she’d strain and grunt and generally look at me as if to say, “What? Holding my head up and doing any number of other miraculous things every day isn’t enough for you?” I exaggerate, but seriously, Briar did perfectly fine. Nursed like a champ, held her head up, sat up, walked early, took to eating solid foods, sleeping (eventually) and I don’t think I (or we,…

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At Long Last

Posted on January 21, 2006

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted Briar pictures, so here we go along with some quick Briar stats. Favorite Activity: Being pulled in her box…even more fun when the kitty is chasing and attacking the box. Favorite Book: Toss up between “I Already Know I love You” (Curses on you Mr. Crystal) , “Hug”, and “Goodnight Moon” – except in the car, then it is hands down Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind book. Favorite Word: Bawl – which means balloon, ball, butterfly, book and box depending on the situation. She also likes saying: Daw! to announce when she is done with her dinner. Favorite Drink: Anything mom is drinking, or drinking from mom. Favorite Food: Pretzel Goldfish straight from…

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The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow

Posted on January 18, 2006

Ok, ok, ok. Yesterday’s entry elicited an email from my sister, who, by her own admission is “flaky” about communication. God bless her vegan little heart she swiftly wrote to remind me that despite not always writing, she is always there for me. Come on, all together now: Awwww! I am a lucky sister. And a lucky wife and mother. Today, despite being truly heinous out, has been a glorious day from the moment I woke up. I indeed did a bit of cleaning last night, as well as preparing dinner quickly and efficiently while Briar played, allowing for relaxed family time before Briar had to go to bed. Briar was actually very helpful during dinner prep. She LOVES tomatos (that did not come…

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Posted on January 17, 2006

I have been out of it for about the past month. Between the holidays, Trampoline’s move, and my own work there has just been too much to do. Toss in an adorable toddler who is more and more aware of too much multi-tasking by mom, a rapidly passing pregnancy and an attempt at having some sort of relationship with a husband and you have one thinly stretched mama. I have known that blogging would feel good. Be centering.Healing.Deliriously distracting. But we don’t always do what we know is good for us now do we? Even in this month of lofty resolutions. Now I have five minutes, or rather I am making five minutes and you know what? None of what I really have to…

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