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Posted on November 29, 2008

I’ll only be a moment as too much is waiting. I am overcome with the weight of my blessings, tears coming unbidden as I putter. Folding, cleaning, swinging and cuddling. I check on the girls in the night and their tangled bedclothes and knobby knees make my heart ache. Fin sleeping, arms folded behind her head and legs crossed, steals my breath. Sean’s hand reaches for mine as we sit quietly after bedtime. The creaks of our house and the rhythm of our life fills me with a glow of being at peace. Wishing you the golden embrace of contentment.

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Potent Thanks

Posted on November 28, 2008

I gave a very sincere and heartfelt thanks over at Tumble Dry. This thanks is no less sincere or heartfelt: To my neighbors: You really are remarkable in your brazenness to continue to walk your dogs and not clean up after them— Thank you. You really rocked my Thanksgiving Day walk this morning. *Since I don’t want to end on that unapologetically ranty note, how about this? Looks like someone is going to have her two front teeth for Christmas.

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The Right Wrong Turn

Posted on November 26, 2008

We were driving home after picking Sean up from a late night at the office. The streets were dark, the slick, wet pavement reflecting blinding swaths from the streetlights. There was a sinister element to the night, the headlights of passing cars more intense than normal, the splashes from puddles struck the outsides of the car like violent tears. I turned quickly down a side street, “Let’s drive past Briar’s school,” I chirped. The girls sat in back, kicking and chattering to Fin’s amusement. Sean was beside me, burned out from a day of too many deadlines and too few hours. I turned down another street, driving absentmindedly, pulled by something. I wondered for a moment if something dangerous lay in store on the…

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Croatians and Bunnies

Posted on November 25, 2008

Ok, not really, but kind of— decorating days at our place. No tree yet, and still the decorating fires burn. I did what any self-respecting mom with unrelenting working-mom guilt would do, I created the inaugural Wink Family Christmas Stool. Bring on the Yuletide fecal matter google searches. This toddler veg-out moment brought to you by the number 118. As a way of cleansing the home-decorating palette, I created a little game we call, “What animal can you be with a lumpy throw pillow?” Happy holidays!

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