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28 Days of Play

Posted on February 3, 2015

Yesterday I read a beautiful post at You Plus Two Parenting by a mother of two boys, for a series called 28 Days of Play. The idea is that for the month of February there will be a new post each day about the concept of play related to parenting. It isn’t one upping that he plays more or she gets craftier, it’s beautiful, honest glimpses into families.   It is a different life to parent boys, than raising girls, but the men and women doing it are as much a part of my daughters’ futures as the experiences we are having in our life. Kim Simon, the author, shares how her boys have changed her and how she has found a new, unexpected…

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Use What You Learn

Posted on February 2, 2015

    I swear that having to process things on the fly so that I can respond to questions from the girls is one of the best lessons in cutting through it. I have always erred on the side of frankness with them, sometimes to the chagrin of people around me, “You told her to say vagina?”   “Umm, yeah, what would you have her call it?”   Lately we’ve been exploring issues around relationships, at school, our of school, in movies and books. Each of the girls has her own level of scrutiny as it relates to people. Finley being very clear about what is kind and what isn’t kind; Avery curious about why people do the things they do; and Briar, well…

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