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Monday Morning Reds

Posted on June 20, 2005

If it’s not the blues, it’s the reds, right? It is absolutely gorgeous today. It’s the kind of day that would make even the least imaginative person want to escape to the park to lie beneath a big, leafy tree and stare up at the blue sky, calling out with delight the different shapes made by the wispy clouds floating by. Walking down the street you have the same bounce in your step as when you find a dollar bill on the ground, or when you have a fun something or other to look forward to. You just believe goodness exists when it’s this beautiful out. When I lived in Eugene I would walk to Amazon Park, which was about a mile from my…

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Good Night Moon

Posted on June 16, 2005

A bed time story, tucking you in, kisses good night, sweet dreams. Hogwash, I say. A kicking legs, top of the lungs wailing, teary faced gauntlet I say. Over three hours, yes three hours, trying to get my precious little Briar to sleep last night. Gone was the compliant, eager to please, sweet dispositioned, angel baby. No coos, no smiles, just raw, anger and indignation about sleeping in her crib. The beautiful white crib with its bright, cheery sheet, the colorful animal hanging on the rail, the fuzzy stuffed dog and its sleepy song is nothing more than a hateful prison to Briar. She seems to be bellowing: I hate the crib! I don’t wanna sleep in the crib! Mommomomomomom, I love you please,…

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Sticky June

Posted on June 15, 2005

Still humid here. The furniture feels damp, the skin on my face feels like it did in high school for those 2 weeks that I worked at KFC, and things have gone from mildly annoying to “Oh my god would you please knock it off” annoying. Seriously though, the weather needs to change. The skies are threatening right now, the only problem is that none of the storms of the past week have done anything to diminish the oppressive humidity. I wonder if I would look good with a GI Jane type of hairstyle. My hair is a ‘before’ shot no matter what I do to it. Bring on the makeover to get me swiftly to an ‘after’ shot. Briar is braving the weather…

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