The memories of this first year:

The first squeeze, our first nap cuddled together, her first smile as she lay on the changing table, the sound of her first laughter on Christmas Eve, celebrating her accomplishment of rolling over, watching with our dear friends as Sean cradled her in his arms and she said, “Da da”,
sitting in the car hearing “mama” come from the back seat, huge, wet, open mouth kisses, bear hugs followed by giggles, bedtime stories,
graduating to big girl food, pointing to things, taking her first steps…

It’s been just amazing. Beyond anything either of us ever imagined.

And then she kissed us.

Last night we were saying goodnight. I was going to take Briar up for a story, a bit of nursing and then bed. As we usually do, Briar and I went over to Sean to say goodnight.

Sean said, “Night-night Briar.” She leaned into him and pressed her lips against his.

I squeezed her and smiled as Sean and I share done of those delicious
“We’re her parents, she’s our baby, isn’t she brilliant?!” looks.

Then she leaned in and gave him another kiss. This transition from super wide open mouth to closed mouth kiss came out of nowhere. I have loved the other kisses too. It’s am incredible feeling to have Briar demonstrate affection like that. But when she leaned over to me last night and kissed me –

Oh my god!

It was like every good feeling I have ever had before wrapped into one huge good feeling, multiplied by 10 and then experienced in a ray of golden sunshine.

I know I’m laying it on thick, but do you understand that my daughter kissed me last night?

Unprompted she leaned over and pressed her forehead against mine, touched her lips to mine, smiled, pulled back and looked at me with those brilliant blue Briar eyes.

In that moment I experienced the sensation of falling in love.

This little person inhabits every part of my soul.

Thank you God for Briar.