Sometimes accomplishing the littlest things can be impossible (or maybe you are actually accomplishing a hell of a lot, but you don’t realize it because you get caught up on the one thing, from the list of 1000, that you didn’t get to.)

My sister telling me that she checks the blog daily for updates and that it is an incredible way for her to stay apprised of all things Briar, really reminded me how much the blog means to me. So here I am. Trying to post a satisfying blog.

I am sure I can be forgiven for my insane scatterbrained pregnancyitis. Loosen up those neck muscles and anticipate some huge topic swings and curves. Briar’s mama is back at the keyboard.

The Magees are up to their crazy shenanigans again. Attacking way more than is advisable. Luckily we really seem to get into a real rhythm and are reminded of what drew us to one another to begin with. We do really well against deadlines and high expectations. Little Miss Briar pulls her weight too. We did a major blitz on the house. Finished painting trim, scouring dark corners, installing window sills, attacking the laundry and clutter.

Coping with a busted dishwasher…washing dishes is actually an awesome activity to do with your partner. Sean and I seriously had the most delightful time working side by side, me washing and Sean drying. I know I sound all Pollyanna, but seriously it was a great way to slow down and just be together. Briar toddled around the kitchen, swinging the trash can lid back and forth on its axis and occasionally coming over to cling to my leg and mash my kneecap into her sweet little mouth.

Sunday we drove to North Creek (45 minutes to our north) for a Brewfest/Benefit at Casey’s North. The owners, one of whom Sean has worked with in Glens Falls, have an 18 month son who was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis about a year ago. The event was a huge success. Their son, by the way, is doing fine. They felt it would be good to do something for the organizations so that if he ever does get to a bad place, they will know that they did what they could to support the organization. It was awesome to be a part of this celebration.

The little boy, I want to say his name is Gabe, but I am not sure, came over and met Briar. He was wearing jeans and a bulky sweater with the collar of a flannel shirt poking out around his neck. He had a thick head of lustrous dark hair and eyes that will definitely take him places with the girls in a few ears.
He and Briar moved to each other, foreheads nearly touching.
“Baby,” he said as he took a long sweet potato fry out of his mouth and put the tip of it in Briar’s mouth. She was riveted.
His mom laughed and told him she wasn’t sure if Briar could have fries. It was one of those moments when you really get to share with another parent that intoxicating pride of having been a part of creating the wonder before you. Our kids were creating such a magical moment, they were (and I am speaking totally honest here) absolute equals in their adorableness. Two truly exquisite little beings, relating to one another in the tenderest, most honest way. My heart was literally soaring.
After a moment Gabe and his mom left and we had our meal delivered to us.

Oh my Adirondack, blustery fall day goodness!

A piping hot tray of sticky, sweet grilled to perfection barbecued ribs, a glorious mound of tangy, zippy pulled pork, baked beans and cole slaw! Washed down with ice water and lemonade!

The Magees devoured the grub and then went outside to play with scarecrows and watch Briar chase the older kids. It was the kind of day you read about in books.

I have to run, but will be back again with more. I’ll also have Briar pics!