This was taken last night. Briar and I were sharing some Annie’s Shells and Cheese. Briar had on a new pair of shoes that she is wild about. She would come over, grab a shell, pop it in her mouth and then walk back to the other side of the room. Between the new shoes and the shells (her favorite!) she was a pretty happy kid.

This was taken a few nights ago, during the same session that produced the grinning Briar with toothbrush pictures. She thought she should check out how I was doing at keeping my teeth clean. For the record I passed the test.

And this is a typical Briar picture. She has a bookshelf full of books in our living room. When she isn’t making sure that every single book is off the shelf and scattered about on the floor, she is sitting devouring the books. This particular book is about the Many Colored Days we have. She seems to be looking this one a lot lately. It’s kind of amazing how in just the last few weeks she has really become actively interested in books, really looking at the pictures, or listening to the words that we read. One thing that has never changed is her willingness to be my companion as I fold laundry. When she was younger I would actually put her in the hamper, now she stands or sits by, occasionally taking her arm and in one flail swoop, upending all the laundry, leaving it an unfolded mess on the floor, and then looking at me as if to say, “See, now we get to hang out for even longer!”

She’s brilliant!