I have a little bit of guilt about my posts of late. There is of course still so much about Briar that I want to write about.

My god, the pace of her development right now is staggering.
I swear sometimes it feels like she grows physically by the minute and her character is just exploding each day.

Our schedules are just so crazy right now. We get up between 6:30 and 7 (by we, I kind of just mean me.) Sean has been working until midnight and Briar prefers to sleep in. Anyway, get up, shower, get dressed, slip downstairs to make coffee and then wake Sean and Briar. Sean showers while Briar and I go down and get breakfast. Sean comes down around 8, we slurp coffee between anticipating where Briar’s banana and peanut butter smeared hands are going to try and land, either on a stainable surface or on something she just shouldn’t have. We have to leave by 8:30. Then work. Then quick lunch with Briar, back to work. Five o’clock comes, go get Briar, home by 5:45. Tend to the dogs, turn on lights, set up a snack then start dinner. We do dinner around 6:30 and then by 7:15 it’s up to wash up, read bedtime stories and then put Briar down for the night. It literally feels like minutes that we get to spend with her. Then between trying to do dishes/laundry and trying to heed the demands of my pregnant body it’s time for bed.
Can’t seem to find the time. But then I think, gosh Manda, you’re really going to wish you had taken the time to say, “Briar has started walking backwards. Yup. She just stops what she’s doing and walks backwards.” That is the kind of story she is going to love hearing, and the notes will trigger such rich memories. So I am trying to jot things down.
All this and I still am not going to do a long entry. Sean is home now. So I am going to actually go to the bed at the same time as my husband. I hope I’ll get back to longer entries. Until then, more Briar pics.

Note her passion for peanut butter sandwiches. (She gets that from me.)

God I love her.