I clearly remember saying in no uncertain terms in the Who Would You Cast entry that I had/have no interest whatsoever in ever hearing about celebrity crushes or fantasies that my HunkWink might have.
So tonight he says, as we are watching Studio 60, with my not really a celebrity crush or fantasy Bradley Whitford aka Josh Lyman aka Danny Tripp, that he has a bit of a recast in the movie of me and that I should do an update.

“What’s the update?” I asked innocently.

“I think,”he said with a puffy chest and the little ball of his toes cocky walk he gets sometimes, “that I would recast the role of you with Amanda Peet because she is hotter than Jennifer Garner and I enjoyed her topless in The Whole Nine Yards.”

Ok, I am not writing this because it seems called for or comedic, but I literally shook my head as if I had water in my ears, “You what?”

“I think you should do another entry and update the blog to say that I would cast Amanda Peet as you because she’s hot and looked great topless in The Whole Nine Yards.”

Huuvlunawah<----that's the sound I make when I try to shake my head, bite back vile things threatening to spurt from my mouth and say 'what' all at the same time. “Sean! Don’t. Please, I seriously don’t want to know that stuff.” “Man, aren’t you happy. You’re hot, she’s hotter than… “Ah, please. Do you want to hear me talk about liking how great some guy looked in a movie naked?” Silence. More silence. Sean thinks quietly. “It would depend,” he said. I took a moment trying to determine if it was worth suggesting an actor, but realized that it would start us down a slippery slope I had no interest stranding myself on, so I instead said,
“Honey, when did you see that movie?”

“The Whole Nine Yards?”

“No, The Maltese Falcon.”

“Oh, geez, that would have had to have been back when I was in Rochester. Alone.”

“So that’s what, like 6 years?”

“Ya, that’s about right,” he said.

“Ok, so what you have done by suggesting I write and update is let me know that you have been thinking about Amanda Peet’s rack for 6 years. Right?”

He started putting popcorn in his mouth. Lots and lots of popcorn.

I have to admit, I still don’t like talking about this sort of thing, but I guess I am pretty lucky if I get to blatantly worship every little tic performed by Bradley Whitford while my husband casts a parade of awesome girl-next door gorgeous actors as me.

And for the record, I still say there is no one quite right to play him, but I won’t be afraid to update if inspiration strikes,so stay tuned.