From the first time I really started thinking about kids circa 1984 during the Kate and Allie hey day until 6 months into being Briar’s mom these were things that ran through my head:

No pink.

She’ll wear jeans.

Never one of those foofy headband things.

Pony tails, baseball caps, hooded sweatshirts and lots of navy and green

Yup, any daughter of mine will wear denim overalls and tshirts. Maybe a pair of red tennies.

I wasn’t meaning they’d look like Iowan hicks (apologies Iowans…feel free to make West Coast or Upstate NY slams with my blessings) or butch tomboys, just that they wouldn’t be the:

“My mom always dreamed of having little girls- our names are Ashley and Heather and we love purple, pink, ponies and playing with pom poms and Barbies” type of little girls.

Ya, well in the same way that certain things are determined way before you have any sense of, “Hmmm, maybe I wanna do this” the degree of girliness in a child is out of a parent’s hands, no matter how hard they might fight- and I really did fight for 6 months, but damn if she didn’t light up like a tree in anything pink or purple.

Briar is pure, pink, frilly princess loving girl to her core. She loves ponies and purple. She has electronic, metallic fuschia pom poms. She loves dresses and lip gloss. She loves tiaras and dancing, she loves kitties and castles. She is the antithesis of the daughter I raised in my head. And she is everything I could have ever hoped for and so very much more…she has introduced me to a side of me I never knew existed- this whole princess and wearing pink thing if fun.

Below you will see the beautiful marriage of the tomboy I imagined and the princess I was blessed to meet.

The boots are my favorite.