A request has been made, so an answer shall be given…

Drum roll please-

barump barump barrrump
(thank god Sean is musically inclined, I can’t even type a drum roll)

The girls for the holidays-

Avery is a 6-9 month, soon to be bigger.
Maybe 9-12 if we’re talking a month to a month and a half from now.
Currently worships Briar. Thus far getting the short end of the stick via hand me down just about everything only to have it wrenched from her hands by its original owner.
Avery doesn’t wear shoes yet and all the cute infant slippers we bought or were gifted were only just found and they don’t fit.
She is 27″ long and weighs 17lbs.

Briar is a 2T, but I get 3T in sweaters etc and roll up the sleeves.
Pants are a 24 month or 2T someone please explain this,is it just to prepare them for never being able to buy without trying on? Her shoe is a 6 or 6 1/2.
She cannot wear pajamas that prevent access to the belly button. EVER.
She is 35″ long and weighs 25lbs.

Current obsessions: PRINCESSES- Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and Snow White(not so much on Sleeping Beauty)
Also worships- Blue, Elmo, pigs and frogs.
Fond of: Butterflies and sparkly stuff
Loves books. Her Grandpa Greg and Grandma Cindie sent her books with companion cds which we have in the car (they don’t know this because I can’t send a thank you note to save my life) She loves them!

I am shamefully delighted be dressing them alike.