You choose your mate, but you don’t necessarily choose their behavior. Sean would prefer that I not grab him in a passionate embrace in the electrical aisle at Lowe’s or start a loud discussion about matters more appropriately addressed at home. I would prefer that we not always take the “scenic route” thereby changing: “From point A to point B, to “From point A to point F-2.” But we work it out.

Lately, I have been soliciting feedback from Sean on different writing endeavors, in much the same way he solicits my feedback on design work he does. Last night I wrote a bit about his feedback. I was not trying to ridicule him, or build myself up. It was simply something I found to be somewhat funny. For the record, 4 people have written and they all agree with…


I respect and appreciate his feedback, but I do not always accept it in the most gracious or enthusiastic fashion. For that, I apologize. This morning he let me know that something I had written probably did not translate in the way I had intended. We had a heated back and forth…not really heated, but not exactly casual if you get my hot headed drift.

Knowing that I don’t always know best I have deleted the post. I figure if my husband, the person who knows me best, thought I came off as insensitive, then everyone else will really think I am an ogre. I have witnessed too many people being burned by a joke or flippant response in an email to want to take that sort of chance.

I can’t guarantee that I will always say things with tact, or pass up the opportunity to ridicule something that I think people might be able to relate to. I will promise though, that I will always be honest and I will awlays try to correct any wrongs that I commit. I feel passionately that there is much insight and pleasure to be derived from the “blogosphere.” I want to contribute in a good and meaningful way. I want to support other women and families who choose to share their stories. I am grateful to everyone who visits to see what is going on with our girls and our lives. Please feel free to leave a comment anytime. I read them all and respond when appropriate.

Speaking of supporting other bloggers, I found a site that makes a request that I think could be fun for people. There is a little boy named Tanner who has Muscular Dystrophy. They are seeking letters or cards from kids to Tanner to demonstrate the Christmas spirit. I am sending Tanner a card with some magnets. Briar and Avery will be sending along some stickers. If you would like to send tanner a card yourself visit this link or just write to him at:

Letters for Tanner
1518 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
M6R 1A4

Happy Holidays!