The reality of this parenting thing is that you often have to divide and conquer. In order to get things done one person sometimes has to bear the brunt of the housework or the childcare or the whatever. I have several writing assignments that I need to get done. Sean took Briar for a run this morning while I stayed home with Avery to work. I set Avery up in one of her toys beside me as I settled in behind the compter. It felt like only minutes had passed when I looked out the window and saw Sean watching me and waiting for me to realize that he was there. I waved, he grinned.

“What’d’ya get done while I was gone?” He asked as he beamed an I feel incredible face for having worked out with my kid smile. I looked at him wondering if I should lie. I know he wanted to feel like above and beyond the euphoria of a good workout, he had helped me to get things done that I wanted. Would I spoil it if I were honest? His eyes were the deepest blue, his face flushed and shiny. The shoulders of his black shirt were silver. I could see the tiniest little bubbles from the mist that had been slowly melting away the dusting of snow outside. He looked at me waiting to hear how I’d spent the last hour.

“Not a lot.”

He looked down at Avery and smiled. I made the right decision. He understood the distraction, the inevitable pull. We need sleep, we need time together, but sometimes you just need to give into the desire to let things go. And so we played.