No, this is not a post about the size of my ass, though I did just get a pair of jeans ordered from Bluefly that fit fantasstically! Now, if I could just afford to also buy this, I’d be making Stacy & Clinton proud.

No, this post is about a little product I bought to aid me in my seemingly futile attempts to stay on top of the laundry situation in our house. I have the sneaking suspicion that this family has snuck into my home and is tricking me into doing their laundry, as it is the only explanation for the fact that no matter how many loads of wash I do, no matter how many jugs of detergent I buy, there is always either more laundry that needs doing, no detergent to do it with, or both.

Enter All Small & Mighty. It purports that with its 32 ounce bottle you can do as much laundry as you would with a bottle of 100 ounces,typically 32 loads. I call bull shit. It simply is not possible to put 18 shit soiled onesies, 3 mystery stained dress shirts, a dog bed liner (The hell it gets its own wash! Who has time for canine/human laundry separation?), and a pair of pants with a stain that mysteriously comes and goes on the area of the right thigh and add the equivalent of a thimble full of detergent and believe that it will all come out in the wash so to speak.

It does not matter what the bottle says. It does not matter what size the accompanying cap is. It doesn’t even matter how large the load of clothing is. I have to eye ball the detergent and pour into the little drawer what I would say is about 16 ounces of fluid. Sometimes I try to do less, but then almost involuntarily re-open the drawer and pour in enough to reach that magic 16 oz pour.

So a 32 ounce bottle?
Equivalent to a 100 ounce bottle?
Not in this house.

Are you able to follow the cap directions?