“Honey, what happened to make Avery squeal?”


“Oh, did he scratch her?”

“No. I think he just got a nail caught on her nose.”

“Oh, he didn’t scratch her. His nail just got caught on her nose.

“Yeah, I think that’s what happened. I wasn’t really in here so I couldn’t see it.”

“So you think the cat’s claw got hooked in the skin on Avery’s nose?”

“Ya, I mean look at the mark. That’s not a scratch.”

“More of a puncture really. Right?”

That last line got me a dirty look.

I’m not crossing judgement or anything, but I think a little bit of the difference between moms and dad is evidenced in that snippet of our morning exchange. I subscribe to the idea that kids need the rough housing with dad and cuddling with mom. I also think that as a mom, living with a dad, and loving him beyond compare, I need a little bit of, “Ya, that’s a Mars and Venus bit of humor there.” I fully intend to return the favor for him 15 or so years from now.

“A $75 undershirt?”


“But it’s under the whatever. No one will see it.”


“So why does she need it?”

“She just does.”

“Why? It’s not like it’s a part of the outfit.”

“As a matter of fact it is specifically what completes the ensemble.”

Be ready. I am sure he’ll come to you to confirm that I am out of my blessed mind.