I have allowed myself these last few days to sink into a stuffy oblivion of what seems to be my annual January bug. Runny nose that will not blow itslef into the aloe infused tissues. A tickly sneeze that will not come. And of course a throbbing head ache that will not respond to drugs. Bed. And lots of it.

Soon I will be back to share with you the magic of the blinged out quasi midget raquet baller that made my night (not that way!) and the marvel of the Wesley Snipes meets Mario Van Peebles meets MC Hammer weight lifter…who knew a membership to the Y would come with such sweet rewards?

Soon my friends, soon I’ll share, but for now I must go and fruitlessly blow my nose and assume the painful I wish I could sneeze position.

Happy Sunday.

PS The dog is inside, but the cat still insists on prowling for 15 minute increments.