I used to kind of make fun of my mom. She would go to the store to get my sister this or that and she would come back with the most ridiculous things. It seemed impossible she could get it that wrong.


Welcome to being a mom, Manda.

I hit the store the other day to get provisions for Briar’s days with the sitter. The whole macaroni and cheese obsession had grown ever so slightly worrisome. I purchased ramens noodles, soups and tuna fish. Surely something would strike her fancy. Her sitter is very respectful about my desire to feed the girls organic and natural foods, so she always asks before she offers an alternative.

The other day I showed up and she said,

“I tried to give Briar the ramen noodles but she said no. I told her she had to try them but she almost panicked and said, no Jen, please no. Away, take it away. I went and looked and you had bought her seaweed noodles. It smelled like the ocean at low tide.”

Yeah, I pretty much suck. Sorry for teasing you about the caffeine free Coke mom.
Seaweed? I have the slightest little bit of bile sneaking up just thinking about it. The worst part is they are in the back of the car and Briar reacts to them as if they are some sort of evil monster. I’ve gotta either throw them out or actually use them as a warning.

Briar, do not hit your sister again or I will make you eat the seaweed noodles!