Ok, so this is not a pregnancy announcement, nor is it a playful things that go bump in the night children’s joke. This is a quick flutter of my toe back into blogging babies…my heart is still beating though it feels as broken as can be. Honestly, I could write a 1000 words a day for as far into the future as I can see and I don’t think I could ever articulate how dearly I miss Grandpa. And as much as I depend on this writing, there are no entries that will ever write away the pain or the reality that he is gone.

He loved this blog and sent me many 3-5 words exclamations. Funny how someone with a legacy built on language could be so brief, but he could, and I have the hundreds of emails I never deleted to prove it. I used to keep his answering machine messages, which were not so brief, but I think I erased them all. The number 19 flashes on our machine and I haven’t the heart to go through, better to think that the old man is in there somewhere, wishing he were here and telling me he’ll ring again.

So, Grandpa, here’s a little snippet of Avery to tide you over till you can come again.