Oooh, let’s take the sled and pull the girls home from the sitter’s. It’s only 6 blocks, I thought.

I packed their snowsuits, a blanket, hats, boots, the camera and my energetic mom enthusiasm. It was a gorgeous day, beautiful blue sky, brilliant winter noon sun and sparkling fesh snow. It was going to be perfect, Rockwellian.

It also turned out to be 6 blocks of swirling, coming at you from every direction frigid Adirondack wind, coupled with blinding, assault you from every angle sun on snow glare, and of course the challenge of narrow roads, zero visibility at corners and obnoxious “I know how to drive in snow ’cause I have an SUV and live in the Adirondacks” drivers.

Yay, Mom. Way to go!

Run Mom, run!

I can’t move my arms. There’s so much snow on my face I look like a bagel from the back of the freezer.